How to stop misuse of lost mobile || How to find out my lost mobile.

 "I lost my smartphone. What should I do?" When that happens, take a deep breath first. It is important to remain calm and act appropriately."

Smartphones are packed with a lot of information, so in the worst case, you may be the victim of a crime, such as illegal money transfers from your online banking account or unauthorized high-value payments.


We all know that stolen mobiles can be dangerous, from small crimes to terrorism. But everyday the awareness about security is increasing and people want to do this work on their own. The government is also making many new updates to make this process easier by increasing convenience.

In this sequence, last month, the government has started a new service all over India, which name is "Central Equipment Indentity Register"CEIR.

Lets us find out how can track and find  lost mobile.
First Come to this website

Go to CEIR Services and select Block Stolen / Lost Mobile.


This service is applicable all over India.
state                 state

Fill the form about lost mobiles Mobile number, IEMI number{can be found on mobile box or bill},


After that tell about Mobiles Owners Details like name of owner, mobile number and mobile number.


As soon as the information is updated here, the mobile becomes useless and if the SIM card is changed, it also alerts the police.

If you recovered lost mobile you have to request for unblock .


KYM - Know Your Mobile - DOWNLOAD HERE

If you are thinking of buying a used mobile then this app is very useful. You can check with the IMEI  number of the mobile that this mobile is  stolen or not by IMEI blocking status.


Apart from this we can do some extra exercise to find and safety for our mobile and data.
Take advantage of the lost function

Smartphones usually have a lost function that allows you to know the location information and current status of the device. You can also use the same function provided by security software.
If you search for location information using these functions and find that it is in an unnatural location or cannot be found, you can remotely lock it or delete the data. * To use these functions, it is necessary to turn on the settings in advance.

Function when Android Mobile is lost

For those who use Android, the official function "Find my Google device" is installed. By logging into your Google account on a web browser, you can locate, lock, and wipe your device. McAfee's mobile security products also support remote locking and data erasure in addition to virus protection.

Function when iPhone is lost

If you are using an iPhone, you can find out the location information of the terminal with the application "Find iPhone". In addition to location information, there are multiple functions that are necessary in case of loss, such as remote locking of the device and displaying a message on the lock screen.

Contact Your  Carrier {Sim Provider}

After locking your smartphone using the lost/lost feature, contact your carrier and report the loss or theft. You can take necessary measures such as temporary suspension of services according to the prescribed procedures. If you leave it as it is, your smartphone may be charged a lot or used for criminal activities.

Change Your Linked Email Password

Even if you lock your device and turn off your phone, cybercriminals may already be logging into your social networks, online banking and email accounts. Use another device such as a computer or tablet to change your password. If your password has already been changed by someone, please contact each business and ask them to take measures.

If you have to erase the data or buy a new smartphone, it is also annoying that the data such as photos and contacts will be lost. Always make a backup in case of loss. You can restore to that backup state.


In today's era, mobile has become an important part of our life, it contains a lot of secret and simple data. We have to use it with caution and taking backup from time to time is the best habit. Even then if our mobile is lost then it should be done carefully.


FAQ - 

1 - My phone got stolen How do I track it,

                   Login in your account in another device with lost mobile email id  and password, here can locate your device and also can be lock or delete your personal information from lost mobile. 

You can block your EIMI number from this website:


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