How to make money on Facebook: the best ways to do it.

Facebook is the number one social media platform in the world, so it's easy to see people wanting to learn how to make money from Facebook, It is the third most visited website after video streaming site YouTube and search engine giant Google. Facebook bridges the gap between living nations. It gives small companies the opportunity to build a larger audience without having to pay big bucks to compete with larger companies.

In fact, 30% of marketers believe Facebook offers the highest digital advertising ROI .

Many social media platforms also allow you to monetize content to make money, which is especially important for businesses or freelancers. Remember that there are millions of users on Facebook, a very popular social network. Despite its popularity, there aren't many such monetization opportunities on TikTok or Instagram. In this post you will find out how to make money using Facebook. 

But if you're just a regular Facebook user looking for a way to make money online, can Facebook be your money-making platform?

The simple answer is, yes!


Requirements to make money on Facebook.

Check your monetization eligibility status

There are a few different ways to make money from the content you post on Facebook. To be eligible, however, your entire Page and its content must adhere to their  rules for monetization. How well you and your Page follow these rules will determine your monetization eligibility.

Click here to check you eligibility for monetization

1-Create contributing content (pages, events and groups).

2-Live in a country where Facebook is active.

3-meet community standards.

4 -Respect the monetization policy established by the platform.

5-Create and share original and your own content.

6-Hoaxes or forgeries are also prohibited.

7-comply with the established payment terms.

8-Follow the terms for groups, pages or events on Facebook.

9-Obey the government regulations in the area you are in.

10-Connect with other entities that also meet the standards.

11-Develop a unified presence. 

Facebook Studio {Creator Studio}

In addition to meeting the aforementioned requirements, we are not allowed to monetize our presence on  the platform. Can use Facebook Studio to determine if our group or page can generate income. These are the steps to follow if we want to find out:

Access to the creator's studio .
Click on the Monetization tab on the left.
Select the page or group you want to test for monetization.
Click Apply and wait for it to show you the result.
We can determine whether our page can generate income by visiting the page. If it's green, we're ready to publish. Yellow means that there may be some problems, so you should fix them before making profits. If this page is in red, we can't monetize it on the social network right now. If we get a green result, we can start making money.

How to make money on Facebook

There are ways to make money on Facebook that don't involve selling your personal information and staying within the confines of friends only. Some of the ideas to start making money are:

Advertising on Facebook for businesses

Facebook ads (Facebook ads) have been around for years, but their popularity has skyrocketed. Companies may place advertisements on the Site to target specific groups of people based on their demographics, interests and behaviors. This is a great way to expand your reach and attract new customers. Ads are bid in an auction where advertisers indicate the maximum amount they are willing to pay for each click.

The more they are willing to pay, the more people will see your ad. Ads can be placed on both personal and company pages. They are not limited to your feed, but appear on the right side of the page and in your friends' news feeds. Facebook makes it easy to create ads. You can use their templates and click and drag to place images and text wherever you want. You can also use its built-in analytics to see which ads are working and which aren't.

Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook also has Messenger ads , they are relatively new. They can be used to promote a product or service or to generate leads and sales. You can also use them to grow your email list. You can create a chatbot that leads people through a pre-built conversation and leads them to sign up for updates or buy your product or download a special report that only they have access to.

You can even have the bot ask people to sign up for your email list. These chatbots are much more interactive than traditional ads. You can create them using a tool like Chatfuel.

Facebook streaming

Live broadcast on Facebook is gaining popularity. Facebook wants to hold the world's attention and is doing its best to increase the amount of time we spend on the site. A live broadcast puts the focus on the moment. It is interactive and gives people the opportunity to be part of the show. There are several ways to monetize live streaming, such as running live surveys, getting paid to host an event, and selling your own products.

                           You can also create sponsored streams if you have enough followers. It's a good way to make money if you have a lot of followers because people trust your opinions and will probably buy from you. One way to increase your follower count is to offer a reward to people who join your stream. You can give away an e-book or use a live stream to give away other things, like concert tickets, gift cards, or a subscription to a special service.

Sponsored posts on Facebook

Sponsored posts are exactly what they sound like: you write a post and then you get someone to pay for it to be seen by your audience. You can write a post about almost anything. You just need to make sure it's something relevant to your audience and something people will want to read. You can choose to target your post to people in your network, or you can make it public for a wider audience to see. Sponsored posts can be used to promote products or services, increase your authority, or increase sales. They work best if you have a lot of followers, but if you don't, you can use them to get your name out there.

Facebook games

Games are very important on Facebook and the gaming industry Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry . That's a lot of potential money. There are many ways to make money playing games on Facebook. one  can play Game can build ones own gaming empire.
If you want to earn money in the game, you can join a site like SML or Gamerdice . If you win, you take part of the money that other players put in. If you want to start gaming and make money while you're at it, you can start with sites like Twitch or YouTube Gaming.  Alternatively, you can increase your following by streaming games created by other people.

Sell Products On Facebook

Facebook ads are a great way to sell your products directly to your customers . You can target your ads by age, location, gender and interests. You can make a special offer or simply post a general ad so people can see your products. You can also use ads to drive traffic to your online store

However, if you want to maximize your investment, you will need to switch to their paid service. Ads can be created from your Facebook page or from the Ads Manager. Ad Manager offers more options and analytics, but it's also a bit harder to use.


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